It’s been months since the first outbreak of COVID-19, the beginning of quarantine, and the movement from office to home. The pandemic has not only changed the world’s approach to public health, but has also revolutionized our daily routines from wearing masks to envisioning a future of permanent work from home.

Though many of us have been enjoying working from home, it’s hard to ignore the overwhelming stress of COVID-19 on our daily lives. The Society for Human Resource Management reports that 45% of U.S. employees feel emotionally drained from their work, while 55% report a lack of motivation since the beginning of the pandemic.

Common symptoms of stress among employees include feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, nervous, irritated, or in denial. Some individuals may have trouble sleeping or concentrating as a result of their stress. These symptoms can arise in response to stress related to the virus, family needs, financial issues, adjusting to a new environment, and other factors.

COVID-19 doesn’t only impact your physical health, but also your mental health and wellness. The fact that we will be facing COVID-19 related issues in the long term is also a terrifying reality to take in, especially for those struggling with uncertainty and anxiety related to work. 

For employees

If you are an employee, take the time to prioritize your mental health by identifying your sources of stress. It’s also important to remind yourself that there are things that you do not have control over, and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed from time to time. Take it easy on yourself, you’re doing the best you can. 

You’re also not alone! Your fellow co-workers are also going through the same process. If you feel comfortable doing so, try starting the conversation around mental health to create a sense of community within your workplace. 

For managers

The responsibility also falls in the hands of your employers. Many companies have implemented policies to advocate for their employees’ mental and physical health.

For example, some employers have introduced one-on-one counseling, virtual fitness classes, or meditation to relieve stress and anxiety. Other companies have increased pay or implemented financial benefit programs for those with dependents. 

LivNao is one of the ways you can prioritize mental health in the workplace. Our app makes it easy to track your productivity and mental wellbeing with no active input from you. 

We will also be using our platform to share useful information regarding COVID-19, mental health, and overall wellness through our social media and blog posts. 

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