As Phil Jackson once said, “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” 

Every month, we’ll be introducing a member of our team to give our readers a peek into the driving force behind LivNao. We’re kicking off our first spotlight with our CEO, Daniel Leung. 

What is your role at LivNao? 

I’m the founder, which means I do everything and anything. My job is to keep the team on track to realize our vision of making better mental health easier and more accessible for everyone. 

What led you to join the team?

I saw the effect burnout had on individuals and organizations as a whole. I talked to users and found that current solutions were terrible. So I decided to build something better using what I had learned while building my previous company. 

Where have you worked prior to LivNao?

I studied Business Management at the University of British Columbia and built an $8M ARR business called Icebreak Consulting LLC.

What are you looking forward to for LivNao’s future?

I’m most excited about seeing how our technology can be used to solve other problems. For example—I never imagined using our technology as a population health tool to see how a heatwave could affect Depression levels across a population! 

Best way to destress?

Go full send on other things not related to work—go for rip my bike, shred some gnar, anything that’s fast gets my adrenaline going.

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