Remember Ex Machina? The 2014 science fiction film made waves in both the film and tech industry for its depiction of artificial intelligence and the potential dangers of humanoid robots with human-like self-awareness. 

Modern artificial intelligence is experiencing explosive growth in terms of accuracy, speed, and technique, but not necessarily in the form of murderous robots. Machine learning has made a splash on industries across the board, spanning from treating brain aneurysms to brewing the perfect beer

The process of creating intelligent machines with the ability to produce human-like responses is the center of innovation and addressing the world’s most important issues, such as mental health. 

Whether you’re struggling with mental health or not, therapy is recommended for everyone in order to improve and maintain emotional and mental wellness. However, the bills can stack up due to the high cost of therapy sessions and healthcare.

AI is making it easier to access mental healthcare by improving the accuracy and efficiency of diagnoses, opening up new doors for remote appointments, and regular check ins with clinicians. Through technology, innovators and healthcare providers are bridging the gaps in access and raising the bar for quality diagnosis, treatment, and care. 

Similarly, LivNao is utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to address one of the biggest epidemics of the 21st century—burnout. The app can accurately predict your capacity, energy, and focus scores and provides interventions right when you need it. Interventions can include taking a quick walk or treating yourself with a massage that’s covered by your employee benefits plan.

Want to try out our newest innovation and see your own scores?

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