Thanks to everyone who participated in our first digital mental health study. Because of its success, we’re now able to predict changes in mental health (and thus burnout) up to an 86% accuracy.

We didn’t want to stop there and are now back with a second study—so that we can build something that works for as many people as possible. This time, we’re opening up our study to anyone and everyone—as long as you meet the below basic requirements:

  • Over the age of majority
  • Comfortable with written English
  • Own an iPhone 6 or later with iOS 13.2.3 or later
  • Be connected to WiFi or a cellular data network with good signal strength

At LivNao, our mission is to make the entire world a happier & more productive place. This means making sure our product is both accessible & useful to as many people as possible. Our first study focused on those in an enterprise environment and helped us understand how burnout affects that subset of our population.

What will we be studying?

We’ll be studying how changes in mental health can reflect in your subconscious behaviour. We’ll be looking at changes in:

  • Social Behaviour – How much time you spend with other people. We use Bluetooth technology to do this.
  • Geo Location Behaviour – How much time you spend at work vs. at home. We use Apple location services to help us do this.
  • Mobility Behaviour – How much time you spend standing vs. sitting and how that changes over time. Apple HealthKit is the technology we’ve chosen to use.

How do I participate in the LivNao Study 2.0?

  1. Download LivNao Study 2.0 from the iOS App Store
  2. Provide consent & complete onboarding questions
  3. Answer daily questionnaire for 30 days — available after noon

How is my privacy protected?

We go by the methodology of “Privacy by Design”, trust is critical in everything we do. Here’s how we’ve designed our studies to help respect your privacy:

  • We always follow ethical best practices when determining what data we need to collect.
  • We only collect what we absolutely need to help solve the burnout problem.
  • We’re transparent about the type of data we collect from you.
  • Your data is anonymized & de-identified before ever leaving your device.
  • Your anonymous & de-identified data is always encrypted using the latest industry standards (AES-256).
  • You can stop sending us data at any time should you choose to do so

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